Bui Huy Nho

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Mr. Bui Huy Nho – Forestry Advisor

Email: nhobh@ced.edu.vn

Bui Huy Nho has nearly 40 years of experience in silviculture, forestry, education, research, and law. He is currently the Forestry Advisor for the Center for Education and Development (CED). Prior to joining CED, Mr. Nho worked for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) as an expert on State Forest Enterprise reform policy in the Department of Cooperatives and Rural Development. In addition, Mr. Nho has worked for the Department of Organization and Personnel in the Ministry of Forestry as an expert with a number of roles, serving as a member of the Renovation Committee, the State Forest Enterprise Evaluation Team, and the project formulation team for restructuring state enterprises in the forestry sector. He served as General Secretary on silviculture, forest industry, education, research, and law at the Ministry of Forestry from 1976-1982, and prior to that worked at the University of Forestry.

He holds a degree in Forestry Engineering from Vietnam University of Forestry (1968)

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