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Our partners

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Donors and International partners

  1. EU-FAO FLEGT program
  2.  Merali Foundation
  3. Microsoft
  4. Global Fund for Women
  6. Rufford Foundation
  7. The Asia Foundation
  8. USAID
  9. World Vision (WV)

Education program

  1. An Giang University
  2. Ba Vi National Park
  3. Can Tho University
  4. Cuc Phuong National Park
  5. Da Nang University of Technology
  6. Hanoi University of Science and Technology
  7. HCMC University of Technology and Education
  8. Ho Chi Minh City University of Information Technology
  9. Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology
  10. Hop Nhat Primary – Secondary School
  11. Hue University of Science
  12. Hutech University of Technology (Hutech)
  13. Institute of Ecology and Biology Resourses, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
  14. National University of Civil Engineering
  15. Nghia Tan Primary School
  16. Nguyen Tat Thanh Secondary – High School
  17. TamDao National Park
  18. Thuc Nghiem Lower – Secondary School
  19. Vietnam Fine Arts Museum
  20. Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences, Ministry of Education and Training
  21. Vietnam National Museum of History
  22. Vietnam National Museum of Nature, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
  23. Vietnam National Satellite Center, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
  24. Vietnam National University
  25. Vietnamese Women’s Museum
  26. VNU University of Engineering and Technology (VNU-UET)
  27. Yen Son Primary – Secondary School

Development Program

  1. Creative  Entrepreneurs  Club
  2. Da Nang Small and Medium Enterprises Training Center (NEDCEN)
  3. Disaster Management Center (DRM) Brand in Da Nang.
  4. Disaster Management Center (DRM).
  5. Hai Phong Cooperative Alliance
  6. Handicraft and Wood Industry Association (HAWA)
  7. SIYB Entrepreneurs  HCMC Club
  8. Standing Bureau of FLEGT and Lacey, Vietnam Administration of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
  9. The Forest Products Association of Binh Dinh (FPA Binhdinh)
  10. Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( Branch in Central)
  11. Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( Branch in Nghe An Province)
  12. Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( Branch in ThanhHoaProvince)
  13. Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  14. Vietnam Forestry Association
  15. Vietnam Young Businessman Association

The media agencies

  1. Enterprise News
  2. Hanoi Television  H1
  3. Newspapers of Law
  4. Viet Wood Magazine
  5. Vietnam Bank Times
  6. Vietnam Financial Times
  7. Vietnam Newspaper of Industry and Trade
  8. Vietnam Television VTC 11
  9. Vietnam Television VTV1
  10. Vietnam Television VTV6
  11. Voice of Vietnam (VOV)

About Us

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About CED

About Us

Center for Education and Development (CED) is a dynamic group of experienced scientists, training specialists, educators, and development specialists, committed to education and development causes in Vietnam. The group has worked together for many years to conduct research and create and implement programs in education, training, and development to serve the needs of a rapidly developing Vietnam. With projects in two interrelated, mutually reinforcing program areas, Education and Development, CED works to develop innovative solutions and initiatives with a wide range of partners in the public and private sectors in Vietnam.

Our Vision

Supporting education and creating development initiatives for a stronger Vietnam and a better world.

Our Value

Collaboration: We work in partnership with a wide array of individuals and organizations to accomplish our agreed-upon goals.

Commitment: We are dedicated to supporting education and creating development initiatives through strong community involvement.

Accountability: We acknowledge our obligations. We deliver on our promises.

Respect: We expect the same high quality of effort and thought from ourselves as we do from others.

Inclusivity: We value and seek input from as wide a spectrum of viewpoints and experiences as possible.

Integrity: We act consistently with our beliefs and commitment.

Our Approaches

The Center for Education and Development engages trusted partners in collaboration with in-house staff to leverage knowledge and insights gained through previous efforts, avoiding duplication and building on lessons learned for a broader and more sustainable impact in the programs CED designs and supports. Specific approaches include leveraging existing resources, partnerships, and best practices; identifying and bridging critical gaps; strengthening coordination and capacity among relevant agencies to build local capacity; and implementing programs through a gender-sensitive approach.


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Develop, test, and expand breakthrough solutions to the country’s toughest education and development challenges.

Supporting Education:

CED is developing and testing new ways of teaching and learning, as well as providing input and feedback for education reform in Vietnam. Specific activities include:

  • Conducting research on progressive approaches in education and training from throughout the region and the world for adaptation to Vietnamese contexts.
  • Developing and testing appropriate models to improve teaching and learning methodologies for both public and private institutions through active coordination and linkages.
  • Developing hands-on science and skill-training programs for school and university students.
  • Organizing exchanges and study tours for educators, school and university students at home and abroad.
  • Partnering with governmental and non-governmental organizations in Vietnam and abroad to expand successfully tested good educational practices.
  • Mobilizing resources and donations from different institutions, organizations, and businesses for the development and implementation of programs to improve the quality of human resources in Vietnam.
  • Increasing parental involvement and community support in school activities and programs
  • Engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children

 Development Initiatives:

With a range of partners from the public, private, and non-profit sectors, CED designs and implements initiatives to deal with social and environmental issues affecting communities. CED’s programs focus on local governance, policy advocacy, promoting civil society participation, and sharing best practices to address issues such as biodiversity conservation, climate change, environmental management, disaster risk reduction, migration, and human trafficking. Through close linkage with CED’s expertise in education, many of the organization’s development programs include a strong education component, focused on creating sustainable impacts through giving communities the knowledge and training to create positive change.

CED also leverages its network of experts to offer consultancy services in assessment, research, and surveys for development initiatives led by other organizations.

CED Staff

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  • +International and Vietnamese volunteers and interns:

    To support various programs at CED, we need a lot of support from volunteers and interns. For volunteer and internship opportunities, please contact us at: