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Introduction to CED

The Center for Education and Development (CED) is a dynamic group of experienced scientists, training specialists, educators, and development specialists committed to education and development causes in Vietnam. The group has worked together for many years to conduct research and create and implement programs in education, training, and development to serve the needs of a rapidly developing Vietnam. With projects in two interrelated, mutually reinforcing program areas, Education and Development, we work to develop innovative solutions and initiatives with a wide range of partners in the public and private sectors in Vietnam.


Supporting education and creating development initiatives for a stronger Vietnam and a better world.


To design, develop, test and expand breakthrough solutions to the country’s toughest education and development challenges in Vietnam.

Key Program Areas


CED develops and implements educational programs for elementary and secondary school students to test new ways of teaching and learning  in schools. We achieve this with the proactive involvement of related agencies outside of the education sector. Specifically, we develop creative education and science education programs attached to the content of the national curriculum for primary and secondary students. We also build capacity for public organizations including: national parks, parks and cultural facilities, museums, research institutions to support the education sector. We support initiatives and programs to bring science to the public through connecting the science and education sectors, and scientists, schools and communities. We also support students to participate in scientific research, especially via developing STEM education for secondary school, high school and university students. Increasing parents’ involvement and community support in school activities and programs for students is one of the key factors for these programs to be successful.


With a range of partners from the public, private, and non-profit sectors, CED designs and implements initiatives to deal with social and environmental issues affecting communities.

CED’s programs focus on local governance, policy advocacy, promoting civil society participation, and sharing best practices to address issues such as biodiversity conservation, climate change, environmental management, disaster risk reduction, migration, human trafficking, community philanthropy, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and Forest Law Enforcement, Government and Trade (FLEGT).

CED also leverages its network of experts to offer consultancy services in assessment, research, and surveys for development initiatives led by other organizations.


We implement our programs with a strong commitment to accountability, respect, inclusivity, and integrity.


CED engages trusted partners in collaboration with in-house staff to leverage knowledge and insight gained through previous work, avoiding duplication and building on lessons learned. This nurtures broader and more sustainable impacts in the programs CED designs and supports. Specific approaches include leveraging existing resources, partnerships and best practices, identifying and bridging critical gaps, strengthening coordination and capacity among relevant agencies to build local capacity, and implementing programs through a gender-sensitive approach.

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