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Vietnam is a rapidly developing country and is becoming a more significant player on the international stage. A young and aspirational population want to take advantage of growing opportunities to make successful lives for themselves and create a healthy economy that will support the Vietnamese people into the future.

However, unlike more developed East Asian countries, the education system in Vietnam has not progressed beyond rote learning and frequent exams. This style of learning no longer prepares young people with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in the modern world.

At CED, we aim to develop new teaching and learning methodologies based on the best performing education systems around the world and introduce these into the Vietnamese national curriculum, giving young people skills relevant in the workplaces of today: teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, environmental awareness and citizenship.

Our hope is that with these skills the next generation of young professionals will be able to help Vietnam catch up in the areas where it is currently falling behind, like new scientific research and civil society participation. A more robust education system now will result in a more informed, innovative and involved Vietnamese workforce in the future.


Innovative and Science Education

At CED, we aim to develop new teaching and learning methodologies based on the best performing education systems around the world. Working in partnership with scientific institutions, schools, and other public institutions, CED designs and deliver many programs: www.traihehanoi.com

To promote students’ interest in science and innovation we give them the opportunity to not only learn about science, but to actually carry out scientific research and activities. We also support students to join science-based competitions at both regional and international levels. For more information on this please see the following links:

Scholarships for female students

CED has partnered with over 30 companies, donors and public training institutions in Vietnam to enable over 765 female university students to study science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). By encouraging the next generation of female innovators we will see a positive impact on future sustainable growth and development in Vietnam. The scholarships are to assist in building a better future for the students while encouraging them to succeed in successful future careers.

CED provides scholarship which aims to fund the education of 3.115 disadvantaged female students, with a focus on attracting more students towards STEM and improving the quality of STEM subject teaching. In addition to funding, CED organizes activities and necessary skills training for students on the program. CED has currently supported disadvantaged girls to complete high school through these scholarships, and has also provided university scholarships. For more information, please visit: http://www.hocbongnusinh.com/

Women in STEM

Women are underrepresented in STEM across the globe. According to UNESCO, only 29 percent of those in scientific research and development are women, and only  19 percent in South and West Asia. In the Asia Pacific region, a recent survey conducted with YouGov highlighted that approximately one third of teachers (32 percent) believe that girls’ lack of interest in computer science is the primary reason behind their under-representation in the field. Other factors include a lack of parental support, and curricula not being applicable to real-world applications. Furthermore, a survey conducted by Microsoft in 2018 showed that 64 percent of girls and 56 percent of young women (out of a total of 6,000 female students surveyed) did not know any women working in a STEM field.

With the aim of providing female students the opportunity to understand more about careers in STEM of which are available to them and to encourage them to pursue their dreams in science and technology, CED cooperates with technology companies to organize workshop and seminars for high school students high schools in provinces and cities across Vietnam.

CED will continue to promote the participation and interest of female students in science and innovation through STEM education and digital skills; create opportunities to encourage girls in high schools to explore their potential, and to choose STEM as their undergraduate major and future career.

For more information please visit: http://www.hocbongnusinh.com

AES energy future scholarship program

Preparing the workforce for the energy sector in Vietnam through the provision of scholarships and necessary support for talented students engaged in power/electricity fields from North provinces of Vietnam (students from Quang Ninh and Binh Thuan will be prioritized).

Talented students from North provinces of Vietnam (students from Quang Ninh will be prioritized) and are majoring in power generation engineering offered by prestigious public universities in Hanoi and Binh Thuan province. For more information please visit: http://scholarships.ced.edu.vn/

Social and Financial Skill Education

CED has worked closely with Aflatoun International to deliver the Aflateen+ program to Vietnam. This program focuses on gender equality and economic prosperity for girls and women, addressing issues faced by females across the globe. It gives them the opportunity to learn about their rights and tackle not only ethical issues, but economic and financial ones too. The program has been delivered to 1,802 students and 135 teachers.

Read more about this program http://aflateen.ced.edu.vn/