A GUIDE FOR USING LEGAL AND SUSTAINABLE WOOD – For individual consumers and organizations

Report on the survey of consumers about using of timber and timber products

VPA compliance guide for businesses

Guidelines for organizing training or workshops to provide information on FLEGT-VPA and a guide on compliance

Guide on: strategic partnerships for corporate philanthropy and community support

Good businesses: create value for community and society

Research on possibilities to integrate DRM training into ongoing training programs for businesses

Research on the possibilities of integrating DRM training into ongoing training programs for businesses

Preparedness assessment of  business sector in the North of Vietnam in 2014

Strengthening public private partnership for DRM

Developing mutually beneficial PPP frameworks for DRM in Danang city

Research on the existing status of SMEs in Hai Phong towards DRR-CCA 

Preparedness assessment of the business sector in the South and Cuu Long Delta of Vietnam in 2013

Technical Guide for retrofitting houses and buildings

Disaster Risk Management for private sector – a guide book

Strengthening corporate social responsibility in disaster risk management – a guide book

Business recovery guide

Disaster Risk Management for private sector – guide book

Preparedness assessment of the business sector in Vietnam (assessment report)

Ensuring family safety in disasters – a guide book

Disaster Risk Management for the private sector – a trainer’s guide

Experience, practices, and selected case studies in business preparedness planning in Vietnam

Effective giving for disaster response in Vietnam– Guide book

Other Publications

Supporting scholarships for poor and disadvantaged groups in Vietnam

Center for Education and Development

Promoting safe migration education for school students to prevent human trafficking, labor exploitation, and other forms of abuse

Improving vocational training quality in Vietnam

Supporting climate change and disaster preparedness

Environmental Education programs

Promoting business understanding and engagement with strategic giving in Vietnam 

Capacity building of business associations and media understanding and engagement with the FLEGT