Tran Thi Le Thu

Dr. Tran Thi Le Thu – Education and Psychology Advisor

Tran Thi Le Thu has close to 18 years of experience in education and psychology, with a particular wealth of knowledge around serving children with disabilities. She is currently the Head of Applied Psychology Section in the Department of Psychology and Education at the Hanoi National University of Education. She has also taught educational psychology and trained teachers in special education at Hue University of Education, Old Dominion University (United States), Hanoi University of Culture, and via other training programs throughout Vietnam.

Outside of her work in academia, Dr. Thu has provided psychological consultation services for parents of disabled children as well as Koto International, Nguyen Tat Thanh Junior and Senior High School, and Hanoi University of Education. She specializes in education for disabled children and has worked as a collaborator in many counselling centers, schools, and other organizations who work with this vulnerable group in society.

Dr. Thu a holds a PhD in Psychology from the Institute of Psychology at Hanoi University of Education (2005), a Masters in Psychology from the Hanoi University of Education (2001), a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education for Developmentally Delayed Children from the Hanoi University of Education (2001), a Bachelor’s degree in English from Hanoi National University (1996), and a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Psychology from the Hanoi University of Education (1994).

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