Duong Thi To

Ms. Duong Thi To – Environmental Advisor

Ms. Duong Thi To is a leader in the fields of development, governance, and environmental protection in Vietnam. Throughout her career, Ms. To has been active in environmental information management and promoting environmental awareness and action. She is currently the Director of the Centre for Environment and Community Development/Vietnam Association for Nature and Environment Protection, where she leads a number of projects to build capacity in, and raise awareness of, environmental protection and sustainable development in Vietnam. Prior to her current position, Ms. To served as the Director of the Centre for Environmental Consulting, Training and Technology Transfer (CECT) under the Vietnam Environmental Protection Agency (VEPA), and before that was the Director of the Networking and Environmental Information System Division under the National Environment Agency. She has also held positions in the National Centre for Scientific and Technology Information and Documentation, promoting information exchange and technology transfer in Vietnam.

Ms. To has built her expertise through leading and consulting on a variety of projects for public and private organizations and agencies on issues such as disaster risk management, water quality management, eco-tourism development, biodiversity protection, community-based environmental management, environmental health, forestry policy, solid waste management, environmental information management, and wildlife trafficking.

She holds an Engineering Degree from the Tashkent Government University’s Faculty of Geology (1976).

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