Le Thi Huong Lien

Ms. Le Thi Huong Lien – Advisor on Communications

Le Thi Huong LienLe Thi Huong Lien has worked for several years in communications and public relations. As a Communications Officer for the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Country Office in Hanoi, she managed a wide range of activities in communication and media relations, from press conferences and print campaigns to maintaining ILO’s online presence. She has also worked as an Assistant to the Directorate of ILO, where she managed administrative issues and organized study tours, fellowships, workshops, and book displays. Prior to joining ILO, she worked in project management and public relations as the Public Relations Coordinator and Secretary to the Team Leader for the Song Da Social Forestry Development Project. At present, Ms. Huong Lien is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Communication and Media Studies in Melbourne, Australia. She volunteers with CED to assist with the development of public relations materials.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the School of Economics, Hanoi National University (1999).

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